These are examples of past and current clients and projects.

Indonesian television stations and production houses

ANTV -  post-production ‘Fakta’
SCTV – post-production ‘Liputan 6’
TransTV – post-production ‘Nomat’ (daily programme), ‘Hitam Putih’
Trans7 - post-production ‘Cipika Cipiki’, ‘Jejak Petualang’, ‘Rumpi’, ‘Highlight Otomotif’,
‘Wisata Belanja’, ‘Primaraga Neurobion’, ‘Musik Spesial’
REC Productions – ‘Katakan Cinta’, ‘Satu Hari Spesial’, ‘Harap-harap Cemas’, ‘Black in News’
Astro – ‘Dunia Digital, ‘Berbincang Jalan’, ‘Movie Review’, ‘Meet the Press’
ICCR – ‘Gerimis Kenangan dari Sahabat Terlupakan’
Studio Samuan – rotary Youth Exchange (7 days in Northern Sumatra)

International news agencies/broadcasting companies
NOS Channel – hard news on the Bali bombings
Press TV – routine supply of hard news and features (e.g. Iraq football team)
France 24 – routine supply of hard news and features (e.g. Bali bird flu, Putin’s visit to Jakarta)
Al Arabiya News Channel – documentary on the Bali bombings and Jamaah Islamiyah
Middle Eastern Broadcasting Corporation – Asian CUP in Jakarta (daily report)
Saudi Arabian TV Channel 2 – routine supply for hard news and features (e.g. Ramadan in Indonesia)
REUTERS - Tsunami feature filmed in Meulaboh for the 5th anniversarry

National and International NGO's/institutions
ASEAN - Towards Avian Influenza Free and Safer ASEAN
World Bank – documentary on Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS)
UNICEF – documentary about the Video Diaries of  Acehnese children after the Tsunami
British Council – video on conflict resolution ‘The Mediator’
Canadian Red Cross – documentary on the Canadian Red Cross projects in Aceh
Internews – Aceh (profile after the Tsunami -rebuilding Aceh’s radio and TV stations)
US Embassy - “Hello Mister” educational drama series
UNDP - Disaster Risk Reduction Documentary
RISTEK - Cultivating Jatropha - A video guide for Indonesian farmers
National / International Private Companies
Ogilvy1 Worldwide – Bird Flu Pandemic Simulation in Bali - documentary for UNICEF
BP Oil Indonesia – Corporate Video and HSE Video for Tangguh Project
PT (Persero) Angkasa Pura II – Corporate Video Profile
Prisma PR – Nokia Video News Releases
US Embassy – English Learning Sinetron “Jalan Jakpack”
Satucomm – Corporate Video Profile for BPK (Badan Pemeriksa Keuangan)
Prisma PR – Nokia Video News Releases
Total ENP Indonesie – documentation and multimedia services in Balikpapan
SAMPOERNA/Phillip Morris - Internal communications video
NOKIA - Nokia Life Tools - Indonesia launching video 2009