We are proud to announce that we have been operating in Mongolia for more than two years and one of the productions we have contributed to, was awarded the  "Gold World Medal " at New York Film Festivals 2015 for the best "Human Concerns" Television - Documentary/Information Program. The TV program also received two "Silver World Medals" for Community Concerns and Best Editing in the TV Documentary/Information Program category. Amazing Productions Mongolia conducted the research over several months to find the main characters of the film. Prior to the shooting, our researcher Khaliunaa spent several days a week with the characters to gain their confidence to allow to be filmed. Using a local DOP (Nyemka) proved to be a key factor to the success of the shooting; not only that Nyemka is used to filming in extreme temperatures (-30 C Degrees), but being a local enabled the characters to open up and forget that the camera was there. Besides the filming crew and the fixer, Amazing Productions provided a sound person, one HD DSLR camera, the transportation, the accommodation, the consecutive translations and the filming permits.  Please scroll down to watch this award winning documentary!
At Amazing Productions Mongolia, we are building on our international experience and bring to our Mongolian clients extensive knowledge in dealing with broadcasters and production houses from around the world, national and local government institutions, UN affiliated international organisations and NGO's, corporate clients, including from the mining/energy sectors. In Mongolia we are a local registered LLC and we obey some of the highest standards in management and accounting. We have access to some of the best production personnel and talent in Mongolia: journalists, translators, fixers, camera persons, sound persons, producers and video editors. Our Mongolian portfolio includes clients such: The Ministry of Environment and Green Development, UNDP and MNB (Mongolian National Broadcaster), August Pictures Singapore and 18Degrees Singapore. For bookings in Mongolia please send e-mail to webenquiry at amazing dot mn (please replace "at" with "@" and "dot" with".").