About Amazing Productions

Amazing Productions is a one-stop-shop for all your video needs in Indonesia, Thailand and Mongolia. If you’re a broadcast professional, independent producer, a media strategist or a communications officer you came to the right place! Our expertise ranges from providing filming and editing services to producing programs for broadcast such as news, entertainment magazines, reality-shows and drama. We also provide support services such as video documentation to corporate clients like oil/mining companies and state owned enterprises, government institutions and international organizations. We can arrange fixers, filming crews with or without equipment, location scouting, filming permits and filming visas. Our staff is made up of some of the best local and international professionals in Indonesia, Thailand and Mongolia. We own and have access to a wide variety of filming and editing equipment including the latest HD (Hight Definition) and drones. Whether you want to document an event; create a training video; produce a drama series or reality show from scratch or simply need a cameraman with gear, a fixer or an edit-suite with creative editor - Amazing Productions is the place for you.